About the NAOA

Who we are:
- Located in Grand Junction, CO
-Business and Property Owners along North Avenue from I-70B West to I-70B East
-Estimated 800 Business and Property Owners along this corridor

Mission Statement:
"The North Avenue Owners Assoication (NAOA) is an association of property owners and business owners along North Avenue committed to the promotion, economic revitalization, beautification and upkeep of the North Avenue Corridor as a vibrant business and residential area of the City of Grand Junction."

Why we are doing it

1 - Change in direction
2 - Look at DDA/Horizon business district
3 - Keep more money on North Avenue

-North Avenue's continued decline, loss of businesses, and deterioration of the corridor is threatening to turn North Avenue into Colfax!
-As business and property owners we need to get involved now, before we are dealing with worsening problems like high crime and avoidance by the general public.
-In order to accomplish, this we need the input, the support, and the VOICE that only a strong membership can provide.

Short term goals
1) Educate Membership
2)Voice Concerns
3)Develop Incentives for Revitalization

Long term goals
1) Evaluate barriers and opportunities for revitalization (CDOT, City of Grand Junction, CMU, etc.)
2) Evaluate long-term and short-term funding options and available local, state, and federal urban renewal programs

What we have done so far!
1) Formed the association
2) Meetings with owners, City Council,  Colorado Department of Transportation, CMU, Grand Junction Economic Partnership, Visitor's Convention Bureau and others
3) WE ARE COMMITTED to revitalization of this corridor but cannot do it without the input and support of business and property owners! Please join us.

We need your help - Get involved!
-Join the association -Join the Email List -Become a member
-We invite you to become as involved as you wish; we are always looking for help!